Primo American Camouflage Harness with Handle

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The Tre Ponti Primo harness with safety handle is hypoallergenic, odour proof, waterproof,  durable and suitable for medium, large & strong dogs.

Most importantly all Tre Ponti harnesses unique fit removes pressure from the throat, trachea and spine.

The padded chest band helps reduce the amount of pressure on your dog's chest if they tend to pull and makes it extra comfortable and easy to wear.

The back handle gives a higher security in potentially hazardous situations, the O ring on the handle helps the leash to run along the handle

The adjustable girth is ideal to fit different dog body shapes; the harness is even more secure due to the buckle safety button.

Stainless steel and impermeable materials allow the harness to be worn in water.

Multi-layer material glides over your pet and will not easily collect fur or cause matting.

Designed and Made in Italy.