About Tre Ponti

Love and passion for our 4-legged friends. 

Love and passion for our four-legged friends is what distinguishes Tre Ponti® 

Since 2007 and the Easy Fit Collection, Tre Ponti have been committed to designing and patenting unique and innovative harnesses and accessories for the well-being of our animals. Each single harness is designed to be as ergonomic and light as possible, but at the same time resistant and functional. 

Tre Ponti is Italy's leading manufacturer of pet accessories. The offer includes harnesses and leashes for dogs and cats. The company Tre Ponti, based in Treviso , near Venice, owes its success to high-quality materials and modern production based entirely in Italy.

Pierantonio Cecconato, owner and founder of the family company Tre Ponti, with 40 years of experience in the textile industry, designed, manufactured and patented the excellent Easy Fit dog harness. He invested in excellent employees, the latest equipment and excellent quality raw materials, which led to the creation of a successful, wide range of products that fully meet the needs of our pets.

The quality is unmatched

All Tre Ponti products are designed and fully handmade in Italy. Highly qualified personnel pays attention to every single seam. Harness is subject to strict quality control, double-controlled and all production is tested.

The quality of Tre Ponti is based on the best materials , a specially selected group of reliable suppliers and employees who are perfect in their craft.

Tre Ponti carries out ongoing research and tests its products on special harness testing devices in order to meet the specific requirements of its beloved four-legged customers when developing each new product.

The innovative construction of the Easy Fit harness, made of very light materials, is easy to put on and comfortable to wear. A harness worn over the front paws and fastened at the nape of the neck are especially liked by dogs with sensitive ears and those who do not like to put a harness over their head. Easy Fit has waterproof and anti-allergic properties. Thanks to the excellent material, the harness does not absorb odours and does not get dirty, and most of them have reflective accessories sewn in. They are perfect for dogs with long hair because they do not chafe, break or felted the hair.

Tre Ponti around the world

The Italian brand Tre Ponti is represented around the world by its distributors, the products are available in a network of specialized stores with pet supplies and dog salons. The company sews about 5,000 harnesses a day . They are worn by almost 2 million dogs in over 55 countries around the world , including Japan, China, the USA, South Korea and all over Europe.

Over forty years of tailoring experience has allowed us to design harness models that are comfortable, ergonomic, attractive and dog-friendly.

Tre Ponti UK is the official distributor of Tre Ponti in the UK and R.O.I. All stores that want to offer Tre Ponti harness and leashes are welcome to contact us.

Tre Ponti ® is a registered trademark present in over 70 countries around the world.